The only photoshop I made this semester.Guess how it went.

The only photoshop I made this semester.
Guess how it went.

In an experiment, girls who played with Mrs. Potato Head thought they could achieve more careers than girls who played with Barbie. Yes, even Doctor Barbie.

also linked in the article:

Women have been shown to perform worse on math tests when they wear swimsuits rather than sweaters.

Crafting a stream of thought feels so much safer in your own mind than in a room full of strangers. It’s not that the reception in your mind is nicer—it’s just less unpredictable/distracting/destabilizing.

The only thing more ridiculous than a liberal arts student is someone who thinks a degree will get them a job.

I think I love her.

I think I love her.


You guys…this is my profile photo right now:



This is what I want to show all the snots in Oxford/Amherst/other elite areas who really want to talk about ignorant, uncivilized people when anyone so much as mutters “Georgia” or “Iran” or the name of any other region that encompasses poor, rural areas.

There are cities everywhere, and in all of them there are masses of smart young people interested in style/fashion/other mediums of expression that so many elitists have tried to claim for themselves.